At Alive to God we receive many PRAYER REQUESTS from people who are going through a difficult time.  We have a dedicated team of intercessors who will gladly pray for you.

If you would like someone to pray for you, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at, subject line: Prayer

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4 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I am requesting for prayers for my 22 yrs old daugther in law. She has a 9 months old son.Shortly after delivery of this son, 2 months after the birth of the son.She was taken ill with Fits(convulsions),the cause was not immediately known until some medical investigations were done CT scan and MRI which revealed that she has a congenital ( in born)Arteriovenous malformation in the temporal lobe of her brain. She is due for a procedure to rectify the anomaly.The procedure is very costly beyond what our two families can afford. We have been praying for Gods hand in her situation.I am appealing for brethlen to pray with us for my daughther inlaw.

  2. Dear Venerandah, thank you for your prayer request. We have asked our intercessors to pray and we continue to trust the Lord with you for a breakthrough in your daughter in-law’s situation.

  3. Dear Brother Robert
    From last 8 yrs i have been going through demonic attacks over my family and especially me. I havent been working for last 18months now and people doing black magic and getting attacked by evil spirits. I come from hindu background and we are new christians.
    It is a battle we are going through so much. I dont have children. Am still going through. It is like a tsunami which comes every year and hits and takes everything from us.
    Please pray for us.I seek your prayer desperately.

  4. My mother has got operation of her back. If she doesn’t then her organs will get collapse.
    Please intercede for her that she gets healed by the strips of jesus so lord jesus gives her new spine.

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