Sunshine in Your Soul

We all desire to know the light of God in our lives. We all need to know what it means to have sunshine. Light is one of the basic components of life, which we cannot do without. It is the same with our souls. We need light in our lives, light in our hearts and light in our souls. It is possible to know and enjoy the light that only God can give within our hearts and as such we can know what it is to have sunshine in our souls.


If we are endeavoring to do what is right and good we can know light in our lives.

Proverbs 13:9 The good man’s life is full of light. The sinner’s road is dark and gloomy.

God’s desire is that those people who want to live good lives can enjoy a life that is full of light. When we have light in our souls we can enjoy full lives and we can be full of joy. Notice that there is the possibility of being full of light. As we grow we can enjoy more of this light shining in our lives.

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