The Comfort of God

Have you ever needed to know the comfort of God in your life? Perhaps you went through a difficult time or a difficult season and God carried you and comforted you. Perhaps you are facing challenges or hardship and you need the comfort that only God can give. One of the names that is given to God is the ‘God of all comfort’. He wants to comfort and carry us as we face the things that life brings our way. Allow Him to comfort you today!


If we understand what ‘comfort’ is we can understand what God is offering. Comfort is to give strength and bring hope to ease the grief or trouble that someone is facing and to console. It can also mean to alleviate the grief or sense of loss, or trouble of circumstances and situations. The definition, which I really like, is “to strengthen greatly.” This is what God wants to do for us. He wants to come and strengthen us. But He wants to do even more than this. He wants to relieve, refresh, renew, restore and reassure. Perhaps the greatest thing that God wants to do as He comforts us is simply to help us.

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About Alive to God

We would like to help individuals who would love to experience more of God. The Bible tells us that we can be 'Alive to God'. For many Christians this has been an element that they have failed to enjoy. Enjoying God and His presence in our lives is something that we can 'know' and experience in our lives. For more information about Alive to God, please visit
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2 Responses to The Comfort of God

  1. The Lord strengthens me greatly all the time. I live on His blessings and His miracles.

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