Who Can Use The Door?


Is the door accessible to all of us, or can just a select few go through? The answer is that anyone can enter, but the issue is that they must enter.

John 10:9 ‘I am the door. Any one who enters in through me will be saved

The fundamental issue here is that the door is available to those individuals who will enter it. In essence Jesus advertises the product. He does not hide it; he says ‘I AM THE DOOR’. It was intended to draw our attention to the fact. It was intended to make the way clear. No doubts or wondering. Jesus made this issue clear so that we would use the door.


There are special promises for those who use the door. We can look forward to them, and we can enjoy them. They will make our lives full!


 John 10:9 ‘Any one who enters in through me will be saved – will live’

This takes place at once, forever and completely. As we enter through the door of Jesus we are saved.


 John 10:9 ‘he will come in and go out freely’.

This is not a prison door but it is a door for a flock (you and me) and the Shepherd wants to give us freedom.


We can go in through this door.

·John 10:9 ‘enters in’.

We can have access. No pleading, no begging, no hiding, no creeping in, but access. Access to fellowship. Access to instruction. Access to help. Access to enjoyment and access to His presence.


We all need spiritual food. This spiritual food is found in Jesus.

John 10:9   ‘and will find pasture.’

This is the promise. Good pasture to sheep is everything that sheep need. Good pasture to us is all that we need. We can find pasture and all that we may need in Jesus. Jesus is the door.

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1 Response to Who Can Use The Door?

  1. Henry Johannes Holloway says:

    I am immensely blessed to have access to the door Jesus.

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