The Promises of God

God has given many promises. A promise speaks of things that still have to become a reality. A promise is an explicit undertaking to do something. When God speaks it often is in the form of promises. These are things that He says He will do. These promises are meant to give us a hope and a future. Perhaps you have promises or words that God has given you. Hold on to them!


1. They are commitments made by God in line with His own will.

Firstly they are commitments. They are indications of God’s intention and plan. God makes promises to us.

2. They are links between what He says and what He does.

Promises act as links. Often times there is a time frame between what God says and what He does. We don’t always understand this. But in this time space we have His word/promise.

3. They have the characteristics of God Himself.

They are true. They are unchangeable. They are powerful and they are eternal. Just like God.

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IV.             They are constant.

·         The amount of time that has passed does not change them.

·         They are His promises.

·         They remain as constant as when they were first spoken.


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