Walking in the Spirit

The Bible tells us we should live a life of walking in the Spirit. But what does this mean?What is involved in walking in the Spirit? Our minds play a vital role when it comes to walking in the Spirit. I believe that we all desire to develop this lifestyle. This on-going, ever-growing life of contact with the Holy Spirit. I believe it is possible.


Romans 8:5 Those who let themselves be controlled by their lower natures live only to please themselves.

The issue is that we want to please God. In the light of this we need to choose what we will allow to control us. If we are controlled by our lower natures we will live to please ourselves. And this is not pleasing to God.


Romans 8:5 Those who follow after the Holy Spirit find themselves doing those things that please God.

This is what I want to do. What does it mean to follow after the Holy Spirit? I believe that it involves the following:

1. Being filled with the Holy Spirit
2. Listening to and looking for the Holy Spirit
3. Hearing Him speak
4. Responding to and obeying the Holy Spirit

This is a far more wonderful life. We need to realize that we can be controlled by two realms

A. The physical

B. The spiritual

What will our choice be? I want to be doing the things that please God. The key is following the Holy Spirit.

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About Alive to God

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1 Response to Walking in the Spirit

  1. Henry Holloway says:

    I want to be filled by the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

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