To pursue means to seek after


Pursuing the Holy Spirit is totally different from allowing the Holy Spirit in our lives. This is the key.  This is the aspect we need to understand and grab with both hands.   The definition of pursue has a different meaning to the word allow.   The dictionary gives the following meanings: ‘follow with the intention to capture or attract.’  Here we see determination and purpose.  It is our full intention to capture that which the Holy Spirit has for us.  It is our intention to follow the Holy Spirit in order to attract Him.  Can you picture it?  Following the Holy Spirit with determination with the full purpose of attracting Him, or capturing something of Him.  This excites me!


What does it mean to seek after? It speaks to me of a passionate pursuit.  It indicates a persistent, and continual following after.  The word “seek” could almost go as far as to mean “hunt”, like hunting with determination for something that was lost.  There is a degree of determination in this type of seeking.  It does not mean we will just bump into it when it appears.

How are you doing?  We need to seek after, pursue with the purpose of attracting and follow the Holy Spirit with the intention of realizing all that He has instore for us.

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