God has a plan

It is great to know that we can have confidence in God.  To know that we can trust Him.  To know that He is working in our lives.  Things are not out of control, God has everything in hand.

There is an old song: ‘He’s got the whole world in His hand’.  It goes on: ‘He’s got you and me brother/sister in His hand’.  Because of this we can know that we are going to alright.

For each of us God has a plan.  You are exempted or excluded.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.

Just look at the following:
There is a plan and God has a plan for you.  God knows the plan that He has for you.  It is good to know that God knows the blueprint for our lives.

Sometimes it feels like we are just tossed around by circumstances.  In the middle of all this it is great to know that we can have the knowledge that God knows what is going on for each of us!  I love this phrase: ‘Declares the LORD’   (NIV)  This is confidence, knowing that God has the master plan.

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2 Responses to God has a plan

  1. I firmly believe that God has a specific plan for me.
    Despite setbacks, He knows best. Amen.
    Henry Holloway

  2. Liz Lawler says:

    A prayer request please my niece cherie and husband have been sailing around the world on their yatch which they lost during irmas hurricane when it hit st. Martin lost everything they own were staying with friends so they are alive praise God for that it would have been a tragedy if my brother in law had lost them as his son died 4 years ago from a heart attack thank you blessings

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